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Fight heat stress with one-gallon packets of Gatorade® instant powder

Keep workers hydrated without the hassle of transporting bulky cases of bottled drinks. Stock one-gallon packets of Gatorade instant powder drink mix to help protect against heat stress on the job.                                            

These low sodium drinks quench thirst and replace electrolytes, helping crews to avoid dehydration and fatigue when working in hot temperatures. An economical and convenient choice, drink mix packets are light, compact, and easy to bring along for quick access on site – or they can be quickly mixed in a cooler before heading to the jobsite. Just add one gallon of water to each packet to make delicious, refreshing Gatorade.

Gatorade® 1 Gallon Instant Powder Drink Mix packets come in a variety of popular flavors and the great taste helps ensure employees take the time to stop for a drink.

Help safeguard workers’ health and performance when the weather gets hot. Provide heat stress relief products, and combat dehydration with Gatorade® drink mixes.