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Respond quickly with an NS® universal duffel spill kit

Universal application and a bag that can be carried right to the spill make the NS® Universal Sorbent Duffel Spill Kit an effective, convenient, and economical choice to help employers prepare for spills.                                  

This handy kit allows convenient transport of sorbents in a sturdy, easy-to-see yellow duffle bag. It offers compact storage and durable grab-and-go handles so responders can get to a spill quickly.

The NS® Spill Control Universal Sorbent Duffle Spill Kit absorbs up to 15 gallons and can be used for water- and oil-based liquids, including cutting fluids, lubricants, and coolants. The kit contains:

• 5 socks help contain spills and they can be molded or shaped to fit tight areas
• 30 pads are ideal for wiping up and absorbing spills, drips, and leaks
• 4 pillows provide a large surface and allow fast pick-up of larger spills
• 5 bags hold used sorbents for disposal

Be ready with a variety of sorbents and spill control when potentially harmful liquids spill or leak. Whether it contains oils, water, or both, the NS® universal sorbent duffle spill kit has it covered.