Honeywell® Eyesaline® eye wash station - a convenient solution

Ready-to-use Honeywell® Eyesaline® eye wash stations are a great option for improving eye protection at many workplaces, including construction sites and industrial facilities. When an eye injury occurs, this station can provide immediate treatment on the way to a primary eyewash station or after primary treatment, when a worker is being transported to medical care.

The saline solution included with this kit is ideal for flushing nuisance particles like pollen, dust, saw dust, smoke, and more. It is gentle and pH-balanced so it won’t irritate workers’ eyes. The bottle features an extended flow nozzle that provides a longer flow than conventional bottles and the tamper-resistant twist off tabs can be easily removed when quick action is essential.

Honeywell® Eyesaline® Emergency Eye Wash Station with Double 32 oz. Bottles conveniently enhances workplace eye safety. This station mounts easily to the wall with provided fasteners, and its bright color is highly visible so workers can easily spot it in an emergency.

Improve workplace injury response with Honeywell® Eyesaline® emergency eye wash station. With appropriate equipment, employers can help reduce the severity of occupational eye injuries.

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