Miller® by Honeywell harness and lanyard – a winning combination

For comfortable, effective fall protection, employers can’t beat the Miller® by Honeywell fall protection harness and shock absorbing lanyard combination. The single unit has all the features workers need for superior safety, and it complies with ANSI, OSHA, and CSA standards.

The six-foot long, shock-absorbing lanyard has a locking snap hook and is permanently attached to the harness. The lanyard’s woven inner core expands to minimize fall arrest forces and an outer jacket offers extra safety. 

The harness on the Miller by Honeywell Fall Protection Harness and Shock Absorbing Lanyard Combination features lightweight, durable polyester webbing that extends the use of the unit, and is equipped with a comfortable, flexible pad, where the lanyard is permanently attached. It also features a sub-pelvic strap and mating buckle chest, shoulder, and leg straps. This equipment’s universal size fits most workers. 

Help reduce workplace injuries with harnesses and lanyards that are durable, comfortable, and convenient. Count on the Miller® by Honeywell harness and lanyard combination to effectively ensure the safety of crews working at heights

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