NS® MonsterZorb® oil sorbent pads repel water, absorb oil, and save money

Tackle oily spills with MonsterZorb® heavy sorbent pads. These reliable, economy absorbents repel water and quickly absorb oil for effective spill cleanup.

Easy-to-use MonsterZorb® pads are ideal for manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, and other industries where minor spills occur. These heavy economical pads provide superior cleanup power, absorbing up to 25 times their weight in oil.

Along with strong absorbency, NS® MonsterZorb® Oil Sorbent, Economy Heavy Pads offer exceptional value. Employers appreciate their affordable price and unique dimpled material, which provides added strength to extend use. These pads are also perforated to reduce waste by allowing workers to use only the desired amount of the bale. Absorbent bales contain 100 pads for a total cleanup capacity of 22 gallons.

Prepare workplaces for spills by supplying sorbents and oil control products. Stock up on NS® MonsterZorb® oil sorbent pads and be ready for oil spill cleanups.

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