Quickly and easily contain spills with NS® universal overpack kits

Facilities need to be ready for spills and NS® overpack spill kits offer the most cost-effective way to prepare. A great choice for spill response teams, warehouses, manufacturers, and transporters, these 30-gallon universal spill kits are ideal for everyday medium-size spills.

NS® overpack kits allow for quick clean-up and easy disposal. These UN-approved drums provide quick and reliable containment, and are designed to resist chemicals, rust, and corrosion, and they can be incinerated. Unused containers can be refilled with new clean-up materials.

The NS® Spill Control 30-Gallon Universal Sorbent Overpack Spill Kit contains everything workers need for clean-up, including disposal bags with ties, tamper-proof labels, nitrile gloves, an emergency response guidebook, and a variety of absorbent socks, pads, and pillows. This kit absorbs up to 23 gallons of spilled liquids and complies with DOT 49 CFR 173.3 requirements.

Protect workers, property, and the environment by stocking sorbents and spill control products. The NS® 30-gallon universal overpack spill kit lets workers respond quickly and effectively, helping to avoid costly damage and reduce injuries and illness.

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