Sperian® Survivair® P100 respirator cartridges offer reliable protection

Help protect workers at risk of exposure to hazardous airborne particles with Sperian® Survivair® S-series threaded P100 particulate respirator cartridges. These cartridges are easy to use, comfortable, affordable, and provide superior respiratory protection. 

The light weight of Sperian® Survivair® cartridges ensures comfort and they are a dependable choice for exceptional safety. They are 99.97% effective at filtering solid and liquid particles, including oil-based particles. These threaded cartridges attach quickly and easily for a tight seal.

Sperian® Survivair® S-series Threaded P100 Particulate Respirator Cartridges are designed to be used with Sperian® Survivair® Opti-Fit® 31711 and 16939 full-face respirators. They can also be used with Sperian® Survivair® Premier Plus 2412 and Blue 1 22706 half-mask respirators.

Keep a supply of cartridges on hand to ensure employees are ready when they need convenient respiratory protection. Sperian® Survivair® cartridges make it easy to reduce workplace injuries and illness caused by respiratory hazards.

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