NS® Kool Downs offer instant, long-lasting relief from the heat

Looking for an easy way to keep workers cool? NS® Kool Downs cooling bands can be worn on employees’ heads or necks to provide relief from the heat and help workers feel more comfortable.

Simply soak the band in cold water for 10-15 minutes to activate the cooling crystals inside for 24-72 hours. For even longer cooling power, bands can be refrigerated.

The smart design of NS® Kool Downs Cooling Neckband Headband makes it a convenient choice for construction workers, manufacturers, welders, fire fighters, and other employees who labor in high temperatures. The band is made from 100% cotton and quilted in four different locations to ensure cooling is evenly distributed. A handy buttonhole helps make sure the band stays in place as workers move.

Help employees handle the heat when temperatures rise. Provide heat safety training and heat stress relief products like NS® Kool Downs.

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