Keep workers refreshed with Sqwincher® Sqweeze freezer pops

When the weather is hot and humid, workers will be thankful for Sqwincher® Sqweeze freezer pops. These delicious pops quench thirst and help keep crews hydrated when working in high heat.

Each Sqwincher® Sqweeze pop has the electrolytes and minerals workers’ bodies need to stay healthy and avoid heat stress. They can be enjoyed as a frozen treat or kept in work coolers for a cold beverage. Individually packaged servings make these pops a convenient choice for on-the-job refreshment. 

Sqwincher® Sqweeze Freezer Pops come in an assortment of popular flavors. Their great taste helps ensure workers take the time to enjoy them to stay cool and hydrated.

Protect employees by training them to look for signs of heat stress, offering heat safety information, and providing heat stress relief products. Workers in construction, oil and gas drilling, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and other industries affected by heat will appreciate Sqwincher® Sqweeze pops when performing tasks in high temperatures.

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