N95 Day is September 5

The second annual N95 day is fast approaching. The goal of this holiday, held annually on September 5th, is to provide thorough information to construction workers, painters, emergency responders, nurses, and other employees who are exposed to hazardous airborne particles and rely on the protection of N95 filtering facepiece respirators.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), “N95 Day is a time to recognize the importance of respiratory protection in the workplace and familiarize yourself with the resources out there to help you make educated decisions when selecting and wearing a respirator.” (2)

NIOSH will be broadcasting important N95 information all day through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the NIOSH Science Blog.

Respiratory protection is an essential part of many safety programs. Mark the calendar for September 5th and help employees understand the importance of N95 respirator protection

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