Motorola CLS Series™ two-way single channel radio boosts communication

Improve workplace safety and efficiency by speeding up communication with a Motorola CLS Series™ wireless UHF business band two-way radio. Perfect for warehouses, interior construction sites, offices, restaurants, schools, stores, and hotels, these durable radios are lightweight and compact so users won’t mind wearing them throughout the day.

The Motorola CLS Series™ Two-Way Business Band UHF Radio with Single Channel & 1 Watt includes 56 business-exclusive frequencies and more than 120 digital and analog codes to help eliminate interference. Workers can conveniently copy frequency settings from radio-to-radio with the help of a separate multi-unit charger.

This radio’s exceptional indoor range spans up to 200,000 square feet and 15 floors to accommodate most work settings. Employees will enjoy useful features like a battery meter, LCD display, a locking keypad, and three different call tones. A swivel belt holster with a spring clip makes it easy to keep the unit close by. The radio also features a rechargeable lithium ion battery that stays charged for up to 12 hours. A convenient drop-in charging tray and wall adapter are included.

Backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, this radio is a great start or addition to business communication systems. Quickly and easily improve worksite communication with durable, reliable Motorola CLS Series™ two-way radio.

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