Promote compliance with NS® 7210X N95 respirators

Protect workers exposed to hazardous airborne particles with NS® N95 7210X disposable particulate respirators – a comfortable option that workers will appreciate. 

This affordable respirator offers exceptional protection, including 95% efficient filtering in non-oil environments. It features a curved, adjustable nose clip that ensures a snug fit and helps prevent eye protection from fogging. The nose cushion and shell are constructed from soft material, making this respirator an ideal choice for comfort. 

The NS® 7210X N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator is NIOSH-approved and manufactured in an ISO 14001 registered and ISO 9002 Certified facility.  It is ideal for construction workers, painters, nurses, and other employees who might inhale hazardous particles.

Ensure safety and maintain compliance with respiratory protection that employees will thank you for. The NS® N95 disposable particulate respirator provides superior protection that is convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective.

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