Protect hands from cuts with NS® Superior® KutShieldz™ Dyneema® gloves

Help employees work confidently with glass, steel, circuit boards, and other sharp items by providing the ANSI level 2 cut protection of NS® Superior® KutShieldz™ cut-resistant gloves.                    

Made of Dyneema® fibers that are 15 times as strong as steel when weighted equally and two times stronger than Kevlar®, these gloves offer superior protection against cuts, scrapes, and abrasions.

Designed for exceptional flexibility and dexterity, NS® Superior® KutShieldz™ Dyneema® Cut Resistant Gloves help reduce injuries while maintaining productivity. Approved by the CFIA for food handling, these gloves feature palms coated with polyurethane to give workers a firm grip. The gloves are made from yarn with continuous filaments that resist linting and ensure long-lasting use.

Make sure employees and work crews are prepared for hazards on the job with NS® Superior® KutShieldz™ gloves - top quality work gloves that safeguard employees’ hands from cuts while minimizing lint and particles.

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