Easily access hundreds of essential first aid items

Provide workers with quick and easy access to a huge variety of first aid essentials by stocking facilities and vehicles with Genuine First Aid® ANSI #50 first aid kits. Whether you take it with you, or install it permanently in one place, this kit offers all the basics for treating injured or ill employees before professional medical assistance is available.

The contents of each kit are packaged by injury type so workers can find what they need quickly. A hard case with a handle makes this kit convenient to carry, while holes allow it to be mounted on the wall in a visible and accessible location. All packets included in the Genuine First Aid® Easy Access ANSI #50 First Aid Kit have clear and concise instructions for proper use and the kit complies with ANSI/ISEA standards.

First aid kits and training are an important part of any workplace safety program. Keep all the necessary supplies in a handy, well-organized place with a 50 person Genuine First Aid® easy access kit.

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