Reduce noise comfortably with Howard Leight® Fusion® small size ear plugs

With NRR 27 hearing protection, a soft, flexible design, and a detachable cord, Howard Leight® Fusion® ear plugs offer outstanding attenuation, comfort, and convenience.                                             

A Quadruple Soft Flange™ forms to each user’s ear-shape and seals out sound for excellent noise reduction. The Flexi Firm™ stems make these ear plugs easy to grasp and insert and ensures a great fit for optimum protection.

Howard Leight® Fusion® Small Size Ear Plugs with Detachable Cord, NRR 27 feature a soft braided cord that helps prevent loss and allows workers to keep the ear plugs handy. The cord detaches if the wearer prefers to work without it and employees can store the ear plugs in the convenient HearPack® to keep them clean and together when not in use. Green color makes identification as a small size easy, and these reusable plugs can be washed in warm water and allowed to air dry.

Provide workers with superior, reusable, and economical hearing protection. Howard Leight® Fusion® ear plugs are designed for exceptional safety, comfort, and value.

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