Give workers a cool look with 3M Skull Screws™

3M Skull Screws™ offer a corded design, a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 30 decibels, and a unique advantage that makes them unlike other ear plugs. Designed to improve compliance, these ear plugs have an edgy appearance that workers will like. They are constructed from soft foam for comfortable all-day wear, but look like threaded metal.  

An easy-grip handle makes Skull Screws™ quick to insert and remove. The convenient push-to-fit design requires no roll-down, keeping the plugs cleaner.  Workers can “screw” or twist the plug while inserting to create a better, more secure seal.

3M Skull Screws™ Corded Foam Ear Plugs, NRR 30 feature a handy cord that gives workers easy access and can help save employers money by reducing loss and encouraging longer use.

Ear plugs are essential safety gear in workplaces where noise exceeds permissible exposure limits. Give workers ear plugs with attitude that offer superior hearing protection by stocking up on 3M Skull Screws™.

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