Reduce scratches with North® peel-away lens protectors

Save money and time when using North® 7600 and 5400 series full-face respirators by applying North® by Honeywell peel-away lens protectors. They extend the life of respirator lenses and offer exceptional convenience – without impairing workers’ vision.

The lens protector simply lays over the lens of respirator facemasks to shield them from dust, scratches, spray, and splashes. After using the respirator, just peel away the protector and discard.

North® by Honeywell 7600, 5400 Series Full Facepiece Respirator Peel Away Lens Protectors reduce scratching on faceshields caused by everyday use. Workers will appreciate how quickly and easily grime, dirt, and other materials can be removed from the lens by peeling away the protector.

Respiratory protection is an essential part of safety programs in construction, oil and gas drilling, firefighting, manufacturing, and many other industries. Enhance safety by protecting the equipment that safeguards workers with North® by Honeywell peel-away lens protectors.

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