NS® Ruf-flex Plus work gloves offer comfort, secure grip

When handling boxes or tools such as a hammer, wheelbarrow, or saw, maintaining a strong grip is an integral part of the job.

A poor grip can create a safety hazard at the job site as well as reduce the quality of work. It's important that your company supplies reliable work gloves. NS's Ruf-flex Plus rubber-coated gloves are designed to provide crews with a firm grip and hand protection.

This glove's textured rubber coating offers a superior grip and dexterity throughout the work day. The gloves' hook-and-loop closure delivers a secure fit to ensure that a worker's greatest tools - his hands - are protected.

NS's Ruf-flex Plus gloves include a stretch-knit shell that provides comfort and flexibility in a variety of working conditions.

Supply your maintenance, shipping, landscaping, or construction crews with these rubber-coated gloves and get a firm grip every time.

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