Employers can modernize their safety training through e-learning

Safety training is integral to a company's success. Employees who are properly trained on how to use safety equipment and perform lockout tagout procedures are more likely to feel secure in their work environment.

Employers who are looking to engage their workers during training sessions may want to consider going digital. E-learning programs are used everywhere in the U.S., by a wide variety of people, such as college-degree seekers, corporate leaders, and English-as-a-second-language learners.

Companies that value safety in the workplace may benefit from adopting digital training platforms. Many e-learning tools allow for multimedia presentations, which can include photo demonstrations showing the proper way to use safety products or the location of a work site's first aid kit.

Argo Insurance recently announced that its grocery and retail division employees will soon have access to online safety training courses. These sessions will be designed to prevent accidents in the workplace.

"Training promotes safe work practices, increases employee safety awareness and prevents customer, and worker accidents, which is the key to controlling or reducing insurance costs over time," said Bill Meisen, an official from Argo.

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