More workers protecting ear health with 3M E-A-R Express® Pod Plugs® Reusable Corded Ear Plugs

Other than loud outdoor concerts and mowing your lawn, there are times when you should take extra steps to protect your hearing. No situation is more demanding of hearing protection than a loud work environment where you spend the majority of your week.

Those workers who are subjected to loud machinery and other noises need quality safety products such as the Express® Pod Plugs® Reusable Corded Ear Plugs. The Pod Plugs from Northern Safety aren't your standard reusable ear plugs. They come with pliable handles for easy insertion as well as an advanced InstaSeal™ system that allows the plugs to instantly and snugly conform to your unique ear shape.

These plugs are guaranteed for a snug fit thanks to the use of slow recovery foam, unique grips, and efficient pod shapes. As an added bonus, workers will be able to communicate and receive instructions more effectively as the use of minimal foam in the plugs reduces sound distortion.

If you work in an environment where it's necessary to block out harmful noises while still remaining in touch with your colleagues, you'll appreciate the NRR 25 Express® Pod Plugs® Reusable Corded Ear Plugs.

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