Help keep workers informed of safety requirements

Education is the best defense against injury and illness in the workplace. When employees understand the risks and dangers involved in their jobs, they can maintain safety more effectively. Here are some of the best ways to teach workers about hazards in their workplace.

Ideally, employees will become so familiar with safety regulations that they can teach newer workers. While veteran staff members can reinforce certain safety measures, management should always be the first point of contact for hires that are learning about the workplace for the first time.

Worker suggestions
If employers are open to suggestions from workers about how to make a workplace safer, there will be added interest and pride in the choices that are made. Staff will feel as if they have been included in the process and will be more likely to remember regulations.

Safety equipment
Workers should be taught about every tool that they'll be using for their jobs, including the safety equipment that they'll wear. Employers can provide several different choices for personal protection. Safety glasses, ear plugs, work gloves, and other safety products come in different varieties. When choosing from pre-approved equipment, workers can select the most comfortable style for themselves. Every worker is different, but you can improve compliance when you give your workers a choice.

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