Mock accident drills are useful learning experiences

Anyone who has ever been injured on the job or seen a co-worker hurt knows that it is a stressful and confusing event. During these moments, it is often difficult for staff to react appropriately. Even excellent training and education aren't always enough to help workers and managers respond according to plan.

As a result, supervisors need to demonstrate correct safety protocols and be able to teach them effectively. One of the best ways to do this is by planning, preparing, and running thorough training drills. Management and supervisors should work together on mock accident scenarios. Supervisors and workers should then practice the proper responses to these situations.

The use of hard hats, wearing a safety harness, and using work gloves or any other necessary safety equipment should also be included in mock accident training drills.

Repetition, hands-on training, and regular review of accident protocols will remove the most dangerous part of the equation - panic. Knowledge and confidence will combine to provide a calmer staff and a safer workplace.

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