Gravity is an unseen threat at every workplace

It doesn't matter if you work at a warehouse, factory, or even an office - gravity will always be there. OSHA warns that this is a source of injury, and hard hats and other safety products including back supports, work gloves, and safety glasses should be used. Workers need to be aware of ways to store materials properly to prevent accidents.

When boxes, drums, or any other sort of container are organized in a storage area, the most important thing to remember is that they have to be securely stored. Any unbalanced material can be unstable, so workers should check to make sure that every item they store is solid and doesn't rock. No object should ever hang over the edge of the one under it.

Sturdy shelving is ideal for items that don't have the same size or weight. The best rule of thumb is to keep the biggest and heaviest objects on the bottom shelves. Based on supplies or freight being received, items may have to be reorganized if they aren't unloaded in order of size, but it is worth the effort if it prevents injuries.

Aisles or passageways between rows need to be kept clear of all debris. When loading and unloading freight, workers should always be aware of stockroom and warehouse safety rules.

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