Do heavy-duty work with NS® standard leather palm work gloves with safety cuff

Workers need to keep their hands in excellent condition when they perform heavy-duty work. Construction, agriculture, maintenance, and other labor-intensive jobs can cause blisters to develop on fingers and palms and can result in injuries. Employers should purchase NS® Standard Leather Palm Work Gloves with Safety Cuff - these gloves are an excellent way to provide workers with protection to help prevent these injuries.

These gloves give employees a lot of finger mobility while providing them with a great deal of protection. They're made from a combination of thick, durable leather and breathable, comfortable cotton. The gunn pattern, wing thumb, knuckle strap, and full-leather index finger and fingertips have been designed to protect the most vulnerable parts of the hand while allowing workers to operate machinery and use tools properly.

The palms of these work gloves are completely made of leather, which prevents blisters and abrasions. The palm lining inside the gloves is soft and keeps hands cool and comfortable. The back is elasticized for a better fit and maximum comfort. 

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