Offer workers crystal-clear protection with N-Specs® Tridon® sport safety glasses with clear lens

In addition to safety, one of the most important things that managers and supervisors want to consider when they select safety products is their workers' comfort. When workers are comfortable in products like safety glasses, it can increase compliance with protective equipment regulations and make long hours and hard work seem easier.

Employers who want to make comfort as much of a priority as safety should offer their workers N-Specs® Tridon® Sport Safety Glasses with Clear Lens. These sporty safety glasses are constructed from transparent polycarbonate that ensures excellent impact protection, blocks harmful UV rays, and provide a wide field of vision with their wraparound design for increased safety.

Tridon® Sport Safety glasses also feature soft, rubber-coated temples. This keeps the glasses from slipping off of the face when heat or effort cause workers to sweat. A scratch-resistant coating makes these glasses an economical choice by allowing for longer use. Tridon® Sport glasses are manufactured in an ISO 9002 registered facility and comply with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

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