N-Specs® Raptor® safety glasses with gray lenses are perfect in the summer sun

Many models of safety glasses are available with clear lenses, but when a workplace is outdoors, glasses with a darker shade can provide more comfort and protection to workers. Whether it's working on a road, operating heavy machinery, or engineering a waterway, the sun and the UV rays that it produces can be a hazard.

Managers who select safety products for their outdoor workers will want to make N-Specs® Raptor® Safety Glasses with Gray Lenses available. Workers will appreciate the cool, modern look and the safety of a wraparound polycarbonate lens for impact protection and great peripheral vision.

The gray shade is excellent for blocking just enough of the sun's rays to make work easier. Employees can keep UV rays and bright light from hurting their eyes while they are working, and the nylon frames mean that these safety glasses are lightweight and easy to wear for any kind of work. Employees will rest easy knowing that these glasses protect against impact and extreme bright light, and that they comply with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

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