Block dust and minor irritants with an NS® 7000 Dust Mask

Not all airborne particulates that workers may come in contact with are necessarily toxic, but they can be irritating. The NS® 7000 Dust Mask is great for blocking dust, animal dander, grass clippings, pollen, sawdust, and other particulates that can be a nuisance when workers are trying to do their jobs.

Provide relief from dust and any other non-toxic airborne particulates by making the NS® 7000 Dust Mask available to your workers. The metal noseclip offers an easy adjustment for comfort and reduces eyewear fogging. Employees will be able to breathe easily through the lightweight design while preventing irritating, non-toxic dust from entering their mouth or nose.

Dangerous jobs that involve toxic substances must always be done with the proper safety products and may require an air-purifying respirator for complete lung protection. These dust masks are a great way to be comfortable while sweeping, raking, sanding, and more. Designed specifically for comfort, this mask is easy to wear and its construction guarantees a great fit and disposable convenience. The facility that manufactures the NS® 7000 Dust Mask is ISO 9002 Registered and ISO 14001 Certified.

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