Error and clarification statement issued for standard on chemical protective clothing

The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) recently announced there was an error in the original document on chemical hazards, "American National Standard for Classification and Performance Requirements for Chemical Protective Clothing," and has released clarification on the issues presented.

The agency clarified that Note a) of Table 3 that was attributed to abrasion resistance in protective wear is not applicable. The note only applies to flex cracking resistance. The agency noted that the text within the body of the standard on abrasion resistance is correct.

Also, questions arose over the requirements for permeation and liquid penetration found during pressure testing. In response, the ISEA stated that it was not required for a product to receive a Level L for each agent listed in the original report in order to be compliant.

However, if the protective materials do not achieve any of the levels created by the new standard for a given agent, the product's technical information label should show this clearly. The reader must understand that the material is not classified to the standard for the particular agent in question.

When working with chemicals, wearing appropriate safety products, such as safety glasses and protective clothing, can greatly reduce the risk of injury caused by chemical reactions and burns.  

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