Protect workers' eyes and their ability to see clearly

For employers seeking excellent eye protection, N-Specs® Tridon® LT Safety Glasses with Clear Lens are a great choice. You can give this sleek and lightweight pair of safety glasses to employees who perform grinding, sanding, or other tasks that send particles into the air. N-Specs® Tridon® Glasses give workers peace of mind that their vision is being protected.

These N-Specs® create a barrier between harmful materials and workers' eyes and provide excellent protection against UV rays, making them great for use outside. These safety glasses are scratch-resistant, which means that they can be used for longer while still providing a clear view of work being done. They're also impact-resistant. Provide N-Specs® Tridon® Safety Glasses and extend the life of eye protection in any workplace.

These safety glasses are manufactured in an ISO 9002 registered facility and comply with ANSI standards. Employers can rest easy knowing that they've been produced with the necessary regulations and quality in mind. Purchase N-Specs® Tridon® LT Safety Glasses and assure workers that their safety is a primary concern.  

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