Earplug dispensers make for convenient access to safety supplies

Provide workers with access to a Moldex SparkPlugs® PlugStation® Disposable Ear Plug Dispenser, 500 Pair/Dispenser for easy use and convenient compliance. Workplaces that require the regular use of hearing protection need to have the appropriate personal protective equipment within easy reach, making the Moldex PlugStation® the perfect solution for companies that want to efficiently provide easy access.

A wall-mounted ear plug dispenser can be put in a central location so that workers can locate and access plugs with ease. Purchase a Moldex dispenser to eliminate waste - no wrappers or packages are necessary to contain individual pairs of ear plugs. In addition, Moldex SparkPlugs® are brightly colored, which makes it simple to ensure that all employees are complying with OSHA regulations.

Moldex plugs are soft, extra-light, and made from non-allergenic foam. They provide excellent NRR 33 protection from loud noises and seal the ear canal without pressure. The transparent dispenser is perfect for accurately gauging how many plugs remain so that resupplying is easy. Give workers the best in hearing protection and install a Moldex SparkPlugs® PlugStation® Disposable Ear Plug Dispenser wherever noise reduction supplies are necessary.  

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