Keep workers safe from accidents with this lockout tagout kit

Purchase a Northern Safety Economical Lockout Tagout Safety Kit for maximum protection against industrial accidents when equipment is being repaired or serviced. This kit is an economical choice for companies that wish to keep their lockout/tagout systems within easy reach at all times. It has a convenient carry handle that allows it to be transported with little effort. The handle can also be used as a wall mount bracket, so it can be positioned in plain sight where workers can quickly find it.

The case is made of a durable poly alloy that protects the contents, which include:

• Two Master Lock® padlocks
• Two nylon hasps
• Two double-pole circuit breaker lockouts
• Two single-pole circuit breaker lockouts
• Five padlock labels
• One 3 1/2" x 5" "Caution Lockout Here" sign
• Five 3" x 5" "Do Not Operate" tags
• One electrical plug lockout
• One lockout booklet

It also features a gasket that keeps dirt and moisture from entering the kit and damaging the padlocks, hasps, circuit breaker and plug lockouts, tags, and warning signs that it contains. Keeping the contents in good condition means that employees can work safely in environments that use a great deal of electrical equipment.

Provide a Northern Safety Economical Lockout Tagout Safety Kit in worksites and facilities with electrical devices that may need repair. Lockout tagout kits are essential for preventing serious injury and death, and this particular kit is easy to transport, locate, and use. Make avoiding accidents easy with a Northern Safety Lockout Tagout Kit.

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