Add safety to your worksites with traffic control posts

For top-quality roadside and worksite protection, provide your workforce with Grabber™ 42" Traffic Delineator Posts with 12 Pound Base. These posts let drivers and pedestrians know where work is being done so that employees engaged in road repairs or construction can complete their tasks.

Because delineator posts are lightweight and tall, they can be quickly grabbed and moved without the need to bend over and lift. Made from low-density polyethylene, Grabber™ 42" Traffic Delineator Posts with 12 Pound Base are recyclable and resist wear and tear. Plus, UV inhibitors resist fading. Recessed areas above and below the reflective bands protects the bands from rips and scratches.This extends the life of these highway control posts and allows them to be used in low light for longer periods of time. Built-in stem grip makes a convenient handle for easy set up and collection, and wrapping or tying caution tape from one to another.

A sturdy 12" removable base fits snugly onto these traffic control devices to help keep them upright even in the roughest traffic and weather conditions. They also conform to all Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) equipment requirements.

These high-visibility posts will make traffic control around any worksite easier. Begin using Grabber™ Delineator Posts today and keep workers, drivers, and pedestrians safe.

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