Automobile manufacturing industry to rev up employment

American auto manufacturers had much to show for at the recent North American International Auto Show in Detroit, as all agreed the domestic auto manufacturing industry has been reborn and is ready to meet the soaring domestic demand for cars.

Mike Jackson, CEO of AutoNation, predicted sales of U.S. cars will grow to 14 million in 2012, compared to an expected finish of 12.7 million vehicles in 2011, and up from 11.6 million sold in 2010. J.D. Power and LMC Automotive have similar estimates, forecasting sales of 13.8 million vehicles in 2012.

The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) expects General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler to add 30,000 hourly and salaried positions by 2015, while total employment in the auto manufacturing and supply industry is expected to grow 28 percent in the next four years.

To ensure the safety of workers in the automobile manufacturing industry employers are required to provide proper safety products, such as hard hats, ear plugs, and safety glasses.

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