Northern Safety releases new N-Specs® safety glasses for 2012

Northern Safety is pleased to announce its newest release of N-Specs® safety glasses for 2012.

While streamlining design, enhancing protective features, and maintaining its low cost, Northern Safety has introduced several new styles of safety eyewear:

• Xcelerator™
• Axel® 3000 Polarized
• Rival® GT
• Tazer™
• Tazer™ Sport
• Tantrix™
• Tantrix™ LX
• Tantrix™ Sport
• New & Improved Raptor® LX

Equip employees with protective eyewear if they are exposed to flying debris, sunlight, or possible impact. With the designs of Northern Safety's glasses, comfort is assured and workers can operate with superior eye protection.

A variety of lens tints are available, including clear, gray, and indoor outdoor. Some styles also include amber or mirrored lenses. The curved, polarized lenses on the lightweight Axel® 3000 Polarized safety glasses reduce glare.

N-Specs® Tantrix® offers an exciting line of eyewear that provides a soft rubber nosepiece on all styles and adjustable temples on the Tantrix® and Tantrix® LX. The LX and Sport models also have pliable rubber linings to keep out dust and particles for added protection.

The new and improved Raptor® LX offers a single lens style with built-in sideshields, and an integral brow guard that reduces the likelihood of injury resulting from falling debris. The straight and dual-injected temples will give employees a comfortable fit for the entire work day.

All of Northern Safety's glasses are made with polycarbonate lenses that resist impact and block UV rays. They are also  manufactured in an ISO 9002 Registered facility and comply with ANSI standards.

Order your protective eyewear from Northern Safety today and take advantage of these durable, comfortable, and cost-efficient safety glasses.

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