Driver's gloves offer flexibility and comfort

Drivers face the challenge of staying safe as they operate trucks, tractors, and other types of heavy machinery. That's why Northern Safety offers NS® Premium Pigskin Grain Leather Driver's Gloves - excellent protection for workers featuring soft grain leather with resistance to moisture and abrasion.

The NS® Premium Pigskin Grain Leather Driver's Gloves deliver a snug fit thanks to their shirred elastic back. The gloves also include a seamless back, gunn cut, and wing thumb to give workers maximum dexterity while on the road. Breathable leather maximizes comfort, offering drivers flexible handwear that dries to its original softness after being wet.

Hand injuries remain a problem in the trucking and heavy equipment industries, as workers often risk cuts, nicks, and abrasions. Provide workers with hand protection training and highly durable, protective work gloves.

Ensure comfort and worker acceptance with premium pigskin driver's gloves today to enhance productivity and ensure safety for your workers.

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