Northern Safety introduces optimal site search experience

Northern Safety, a leading distributor of personal protective equipment and safety supplies, recently unveiled a new search system that will greatly enhance the way you browse, find, and select the exact safety products you need. The new features allow the use of refinements to drill down in search results to individual products. 

The new search system allows you to quickly find exactly what you're looking for on the first try. Browsing through all product information, you will see results in a much higher relevance while searching, compared to searching only designated keywords.

The addition of auto-complete offers suggestions to search for by completing phrases typed into the search bar. For example, if you type in "hard hat," you will see other popular searches in a list, such as "bullard hard hat" or "full brim hard hat." The new "did you mean?" feature boosts accuracy of results by automatically redirecting searches with common misspellings or non exact terms.

Searches can be refined more than ever by narrowing search results and selecting various characteristics of products, such as color, price, brand, category, size, material, and many more details.

By introducing the new search system, Northern Safety has shown its commitment to providing a hassle-free safety product purchasing experience. These additions help guide you to products you're looking for faster and easier than ever.

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