Expose workplace hazards with reliable hard hat flashlight and headlamp

Employees who work where light is needed will appreciate the Streamlight® Septor® 3 AAA Hard Hat Flashlight and Headlamp, while employers appreciate the rugged ABS plastic case and unbreakable polycarbonate lens that ensure durability for long-lasting use.

Ultra bright LED lights within this unit's reflector provide superior lighting power to help workers finish projects safely when light is limited. Convenient push button sequences include:

- 1 LED provides 12 lumens and a 20 meter beam distance
- 3 LED's deliver 35 lumens with a 35 meter beam distance
- 7 LED's for 70 lumens with a 47 meter beam distance

The Streamlight® Septor® 3 AAA Hard Hat Flashlight & Headlamp is hands-on or hands-free, and includes an adjustable elastic head strap and rubber hard hat strap. The Septor® is ideal for utility workers, search and rescue, maintenance, automotive and equipment repair, and much more.

Workers can take advantage of the unit's versatility to change the adjustable spot flashlight to a hands-free head lamp in seconds. This flexibility gives employees the opportunity to work in a variety of environments, significantly enhancing workplace productivity. This flashlight and headlamp makes it easy for employees to work anytime...day or night. 

Companies can maintain workplace efficiency in low light and dark situations with Streamlight® Septor® 3 AAA Hard Hat Flashlight and Headlamp.

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