Protect employees and pedestrians with plastic chain

Many cities, towns, and businesses use stanchions to keep pedestrians safe as they walk near hazardous areas. Safety equipment like Plastic Chain for Crowd Control Stanchions helps to guide workers and others away from possible dangers. 

Plastic Chain for Crowd Control Stanchions makes it easy to direct crowds of any size. Companies can use the chains to mark crowd, traffic, and equipment barriers.

Bright colors maximize visibility to control large groups and manage foot traffic in any area, including limiting access to displays, setting up a border, creating lines for crowd flow in arenas, and separating recently cleaned areas that have wet floors. It's lightweight, portable design offers flexibility by allowing workers to carry the chain to different locations and it's rust, fade, and weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use.

Providing safety equipment such as plastic chain for stanchions simplifies the safety planning process for construction sites, stadiums, trade shows, and other events where designating areas of safe passage is important.

Manage large groups securely and effectively with Plastic Chain for Crowd Control Stanchions from Northern Safety.

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