First shale-oil and shale-gas resource potential assessment released by USGS

In the first report of its kind, the U.S. Geological Survey has estimated the potential undiscovered, technically recoverable shale oil and gas found in the lands of Alaska's North Slope.

The estimates range from zero to 2 billion barrels of oil and from zero to 80 trillion cubic feet of gas. The resources are said to be technically recoverable, suggesting current technology and industry practices are sufficient for extraction. The area has not yet been tapped for its oil and gas due to economic and infrastructure issues, and lies far from the environmentally sensitive Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

"Better knowledge of the untapped resource potential found in all areas of the country will help us better make science-based decisions about how we continue to grow domestic energy production for America," said Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. "Alaska’s energy resources hold great promise and economic opportunity for the American people, and we will continue to expand our scientific understanding of existing resources."

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