Complete heavy-duty tasks easily with flexible hand protection

Providing employees NS® premium shoulder leather palm work gloves with safety cuffs can help maintain safety and consistent productivity at any work site.

Offer reliable hand protection to keep workers safe when handling heavy-duty tasks in a variety of environments. The NS® Hand Protection Premium Shoulder Leather Palm Work Gloves with Safety Cuff with a safety cuff to provide added protection to wrists, and flexible leather that guards hands against abrasion and allows workers to complete challenging tasks with ease.

Enhance workers' safety and comfort with durable work gloves that feature full leather index finger, fingertips, and knuckle strap for increased protection. Reduced stress and fatigue on seams from thw wing thumb design and gunn pattern helps lengthen the life of these gloves. An elastic cotton back and lining increase hand ventilation for added comfort, and premium shoulder leather helps workers maintain a strong, comfortable grip.

Equip employees in construction, maintenance, farming and other industries with NS® premium shoulder leather palm work gloves to ensure safety and comfort when performing heavy-duty tasks.

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