Enhance worksite communication with Motorola two-way radios

Many companies accept projects that require employees to complete tasks over an extended area. Keeping in touch is a priority for managers and workers, and the Motorola RDX Series™ On-Site Business Two-Way UHF, 2 Channel, 2 Watt Radio allows businesses to improve on-site communication. Two-way radios help organizations maintain consistent worksite contact between workers and supervisors for safe and successful projects.

Improve on-site communication immediately with the Motorola RDX Series™ On-Site Business Two-Way Radio - UHF, 2 Channel, 2 Watt. These radios feature indoor and outdoor capabilities, and give employees the flexibility to travel up to 250,000 square feet, 20 floors, without losing contact. Employees can use the radio to provide quick updates, and can utilize business exclusive frequencies featuring 122 codes to guarantee a clear signal. In addition, scanning, cloning, and power select capabilities enhance communication in difficult environments, and the radio meets Military specifications for shock, rain, humidity, salt fog, vibration, sand and dust, temperature shock, and high and low temperature extremes.

The rugged design makes the RDX radio a popular choice in many situations. Companies can use safety products like this radio in rain, humidity, and extreme temperatures, and the small, lightweight design makes it an easy option to carry throughout the work day.

Take worksite communication to the next level with the Motorola RDX Series™ On-Site Business Two-Way Radio. 

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