Cordless Max Lite® low pressure ear plugs help reduce hearing loss

Worksites and workplaces can expose employees to loud noises that cause hearing damage. Reduce hearing loss with excellent hearing protection from Howard Leight. These cordless Max Lite® disposable ear plugs enhance workplace safety with a gentle expanding foam that is great for workers with smaller ear canals.

These T-shaped plugs include winged ends and are contoured to provide better control when inserting and removing. Max Lite® Low Pressure Uncorded Disposable Ear Plugs, NRR 30 feature a closed-cell foam skin that is smooth and soil-resistant, and the green color makes compliance checks easy.

Soft, lightweight ear plugs offer high NRR 30 dB protection and with a better fit in smaller ear canals, they ensure comfort for longer wear while increasing worker usage.

Limit safety hazards with these ear plugs. Provide comfortable Howard Leight Max Lite® low pressure ear plugs to improve hearing protection, encourage compliance, and increase productivity.

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