Maximize protection from liquid spills with protective Tyvek® sleeve

Liquid spills, light splashes, and dry particulates can create messes in various work environments, but employers can obtain safety gear to enable employees to avoid these hazards. The Tyvek® Disposable Protective Sleeve offers a comfortable fit, and is a perfect option for employees who handle meat and poultry.

Offer the Tyvek® Disposable Protective Sleeve to keep workers safe with liquid resistant, tear proof protective clothing. The large 7 1/4" X 18" sleeves are elasticized at both ends, delivering a snug fit to workers of all sizes. Additionally, the product limits environmental risks employees may face while working.

These safety products lower the chances an employee could suffer a life-threatening injury from a harmful spill. Workers handling dangerous chemicals and materials can wear the disposable protective sleeves to receive protection during toxic spills. The gear features an interlocked, closed seam construction that helps employers maximize workers' protection and minimize their health and safety risks, and is a viable option for use indoors and out.

Limit workers' exposure to potentially dangerous leaks and spills with the Tyvek® Disposable Protective Sleeve.

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