U.S. safety agencies work together to protect roadway workers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced on April 19, 2012, that it had renewed an alliance with the Roadway Work Zone Safety and Health Partners to increase protection of workers in roadway construction work zones.

The alliance will focus on preventing worker injuries and fatalities from construction vehicle runovers, backovers, and other site-specific hazards.

"Most fatalities that occur in road construction work zones involve a worker being struck by a piece of construction equipment or other vehicle," said Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health David Michaels. "This renewed alliance with the Roadway Work Zone Safety and Health Partners will help reach workers and employers with critical education and information to reduce preventable injuries and deaths."

The two-year agreement will help the alliance create fact sheets for paramedics, police officers, truck drivers, and other work-zone visitors on the proper safety products and high-visibility garments to wear, and how to appropriately enter and exit work zones at different times throughout the day and night.

Roadway employees are exposed to a number of hazards in highway work zones, including falls, electrical, struck-by, and caught-between dangers. Provide workers with appropriate safety products, such as high visibility vests, hard hats, and work gloves, and ensure traffic cones, reflectors, and other safety equipment is in place in all work zones.

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