New study finds 68 percent of highway contractors had motor vehicles crash into their construction work zones

A study conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), found 68 percent of highway contractors in the U.S. had motor vehicles crash into their work zones in the last 12 months. Officials from the organization added that the crashes were more likely to kill highway workers than the vehicle's operators or passengers.

"Any time your job site is just a few feet away from fast-moving traffic, things can get a little too exciting," said Tom Brown, chair of the AGC’s national highway and transportation division. "Since construction workers don’t get the option of wearing seat belts, they are more likely to be killed in a work zone crash than motorists are."

Brown added that 28 percent of construction companies said their workers were injured in a work zone crash in the last year and 18 percent had at least one worker killed in a crash.

Provide safety equipment such as signs, cones, barrels, and barriers to help control traffic flow at your worksite. Ensure all employees working in high traffic areas wear appropriate work zone high-visibility safety vests for their work area and are equipped with the proper safety products, including hard hats

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