Provide protection against organic vapors

Provide employees with the North® by Honeywell Organic Vapors Respirator Cartridges that offer protection in work environments where organic vapors are present. 

Air purifying respirators guard against hazardous particulates, gases, and vapors, by filtering the air being breathed through cartridges. The North® by Honeywell Organic Vapors Respirator Cartridges, 2/Pack are designed for protection against organic vapors and are for use with the North® 5400 item# 20793 and 7600 Series item# 14618 full face respirators. These cartridges are also for use with 5500 item# 5540 and 7700 Series item# 7700 half mask respirators. The cartridges meet NIOSH standards and assure workers continuous protection throughout their work shift. 

This safety product is valuable for workers who are at risk from organic vapors. Respiratory protection can help employees avoid breathing problems that limit their productivity, and can affect their short- and long-term health. Having top-of-the-line respirator cartridges on hand ensures worker safety. 

Safeguard employees from organic vapors with North® by Honeywell Organic Vapors Respirator Cartridges.

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