Choose hairnets to help prevent product contamination

Help manage product contamination with NS® ActivGARD® Disposable 21" Polypropylene Hairnets.

Lightweight, breathable NS® ActivGARD Disposable 21" Polypropylene Hairnets help eliminate product contamination in a variety of industries, including food service, preparation, manufacturing, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and medical parts manufacturing. These 21 inch hairnets are perfect for non-hazardous work tasks where hair control is required. The elastic opening provides a secure, comfortable fit. 

These safety products are soft, lint-free, and non-irritating. Lightweight, breathable polypropylene fabric helps workers stay cool as they complete their daily tasks. These hairnets are manufactured in an ISO 9002 Registered facility, and allow companies to maintain quality standards with a product that is designed for all-day comfort and functionality. 

Safeguard and control high quality levels with NS® ActivGARD® Disposable 21" Polypropylene Hairnets - a consistent top seller!

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