Enhance head and face protection with TASCO system

Give employees a system ideal for chain sawing, forestry, woodworking, and more with the TASCO Woodsman Forestry System. The set includes a hard hat with an easily adjustable 6-point ratchet suspension, ear muffs, and visor.

Low profile T-2000 ear muffs offer NRR 22dB protection, tension adjust, stand-off and storage positions, and are equipped with Soft-Seal™ cushions for comfort. The hard hat is designed to hold up against impact and features a durable visor carrier that withstands extreme temperatures, can be raised and lowered to three positions, and seals at the hard hat brim to protect against falling particles. TASCO Woodsman Forestry System with 6-Point Hard Hat Ratchet Suspension, Visor Carrier, Faceshield, & Ear Muffs has an extra low padded nape strap for a secure fit.

The system includes a black oxide steel mesh screen that reduces glare and resists rust. Its universal hole lug pattern accepts most 0.040 or 0.060 shields.

All components of this convenient system meet ANSI standards, and hard hats comply with ANSI Z89.1, Type 1, Class C, E, and G standards.

Help workers complete tasks safely and comfortably with quality head and face protection - the TASCO Woodsman Forestry System. 

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