Full brim hard hat delivers a comfortable fit

Give workers a hard hat that offers extra protection with the NS® Power Shell® Full Brim Hard Hat. This hard hat has an adjustable Flex-Gear™ ratchet suspension, a low-trim profile that ensures it will comfortably stay in place throughout the work day, and a full brim that provides added protection.

This hard hat's ratchet suspension with cushion pillows, and a soft, absorbent cotton brow pad, make it comfortable to wear. NS® Power Shell® Adjustable Full Brim Hard Hat with Flex-Gear™ Ratchet Suspension has a 4-point suspension and the easy-to-use ratchet knob allows quick adjustments for a custom fit. Its lightweight, durable polyethylene shell can withstand even the toughest conditions and the full brim helps protect the neck and ears from the sun and rain.

NS® Power Shell® adjustable hard hats are manufactured in an ISO 9002 registered facility. They comply with ANSI Z89.1 Type I, Class E and G standards.

Offer workers a hard hat equipped with the comfort and extra protection workers need - the NS® Power Shell® Adjustable Full Brim Hard Hat.

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