V-Gard® Fas-Trac® ratchet suspension is quick and easy to adjust

Maintain safety while ensuring employees can easily adjust their hard hats with the V-Gard® Fas–Trac® Replacement Ratchet Suspension. This suspension system provides greater control so workers can quickly put on and secure their head protection

The replacement ratchet suspension includes a low nape strap, comfortable crown pad, and durable nylon straps that add stability. Heavy use and age can cause wear on a suspension and weaken its performance. Signs of wear include cracks, tears, and stiffening. This V-Gard® Hard Hat Fas-Trac® Replacement Ratchet Suspension is an ideal solution for continued protection and better compliance. Workers who wear hard hats every day will enjoy this suspension's convenience and employers will appreciate the money saved by using a replacement suspension and not replacing the whole hard hat.

When no-fail head protection is a must, this suspension assures workers that they can easily maintain their head protection. This 4-point shock-absorbing suspension offers a quick, simple way for workers to adjust their hard hats and can also be used to replace a V-Gard® 4-point pinlock suspension. It complies with ANSI Z89.1, Type 1, Class E and G standards when used with V-Gard® hard hats.

Opt for the system that allows workers to keep hard hats in top condition - the V-Gard® Fas-Trac® Replacement Ratchet Suspension. 

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